Federal Crimes

Our firm has the experience and resources necessary to defend clients in even the most complex federal criminal cases. Far too often defendants do not seek legal counsel immediately or they retain counsel that is not experienced in an area of law or trial procedures. Being well versed in an area of law as well as criminal court procedures is essential to providing a thorough and aggressive defense at the onset of a federal criminal matter. Attorney’s must be particularly mindful to assert and preserve all available defenses during all phases of litigation.

The most common federal offenses clients face are:

  • Federal Firearms Offenses
  • Federal Drug Trafficking
  • Federal Mail & Wire Fraud
  • Federal Money Laundering
  • Federal Tax Crimes
  • Federal Government Corruption

Federal criminal cases are vastly different from state criminal cases in that federal criminal investigations and prosecutions are handled by well-funded law enforcement agencies and staffed by experienced investigators and prosecutors, who have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal.

More importantly, federal crimes generally carry stiffer sentences than state crimes, especially in the areas of drug trafficking, conspiracy, child pornography and other sexual offenses. The mandatory minimum penalties and federal sentencing guidelines usually result in very lengthy sentences for people convicted of federal crimes. Lengthy sentences and the experience and vast resources of federal prosecutors are two of the main reasons it is so important to retain a lawyer with a record of success in federal court if the case is being prosecuted in federal court.

Given the severity and complexity of federal criminal investigations and prosecutions, anyone charged with a federal crime should retain a lawyer who has extensive experience in federal criminal defense. If you need a federal criminal defense attorney with decades of successful results, contact our firm and discuss your case in complete confidence.

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