State Misdemeanors

Texas State Misdemeanors are offenses in violation of the state penal code. State misdemeanors are classified according to their relative seriousness and carry maximum penalties of up to a year in jail and fines of up to $4,000. State misdemeanors are divided into three classes A, B and C- each holding the following punishments in descending order of severity:

Class A Misdemeanor

  • Jail term not to exceed one year; and/or
  • Fine not to exceed $4,000

Class B Misdemeanor

  • Jail term not to exceed 180 days; and/or
  • Fine not to exceed $2,000

Class C Misdemeanor

  • Fine not to exceed $500

Notwithstanding the broad range of ordinary misdemeanor punishments, judges can utilize specific enhancement provisions for any given punishment if the defendant has a previous record of similar misdemeanor offenses. It is common for defendants to plead guilty without evaluating their options, just to make charges go away- this is ill advised. Such guilty verdicts can have a far reaching impact on your life depending on the offense, including suspension or loss of driver’s or professional licenses, denial of ownership of a firearm, not to mention loss of freedom if jail time is served and the financial expense of fines.

While a misdemeanor may not seem serious, poor representation can result in an escalated charge and far less favorable outcomes for defendants. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding your state misdemeanor charges- our office is ready to advise you on all of your rights and options and aggressively fight for you.

A list of the most common state misdemeanor offenses is listed in our frequently asked questions section. 

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