A Writ is a legal procedure requesting a certain action be taken. Generally, a writ is utilized under extraordinary circumstances and reviewed immediately by the court. It is an essential procedural tool for defendants if immediate redress of an issue is needed or appeals have been exhausted.

Common reasons for seeking a writ include:

  • Failure by a defense counsel to make timely objections
  • Immediate relief for a defendant seeking to prevent an injustice
  • Review of a new argument after defendant’s unsuccessful appeal

Defendants must use every advantage when appealing the decisions of a lower court, thus the selection of a skilled attorney with advanced knowledge and experience in trial and appellate procedural practice is critical. Only a savvy and aggressive defense attorney can utilize a defendant’s potential writ options with a successful outcome. Our law firm possess such skill and has a successful writ and appeals practice. When your criminal case has progressed and your options seem limited, our law firm is ready to step in to aggressively defend, preserve and advance all of your legal options and arguments.

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